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6 December 2008

The Seven Poor Travelers  by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens lived In the little town of Rochester and many of his novels (Pickwick Papers, Great Expectations and the Mystery of Edwin Drood)describe the town.  The Seven Poor Travelers, one of Dickens’ Christmas stories, was first published as part of the Christmas number of Household Words for 1854. The first chapter relates Dickens’ visit to the ancient Richard Watts’s Charity at Rochester. The second chapter is the touching story of “Richard Doubledick”, which Dickens supposedly told the travellers, and Dickens’ journey home on Christmas morning provides the short concluding chapter. Every year during the Christmas season the town presents a "Dickensian Christmas", which includes "The Seven Poor Travelers Procession." 
This is a reenactment of the story......, which you can read here The Seven Poor Travelers,  and it all began with RICHARD WATTS and his  legacy in 1579.



                                                                                                 Watts Charity


The Seven Poor Travelers Procession:

                      "The" Turkey                                                                  Vegetables, Pastries, Plum Pudding                                                  Dignitaries












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